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Windchyme Silkies,Sebastopols
Exhibition Quality Bearded Silkies, Sebastopols, Dewlap Toulouse, Saddleback
Pomeranian Geese, select other poultry

Information only at this time - Recovering from a severe neighbor dog attack-
few available birds as I work to recover a working flock from whats left.
Some people just can't manage to be responsible!!


Canine Caretakers for Life
Service Dog Assistance, Certification,
Access Advocate, Business Education, Consultant

Paula Shepard - Service Dog Specialist

Skilled in all phases of the process from selection through final training & Self Advocacy Training
Working with dogs and other animals since 1974 starting as a child, service dogs since 1982 as a teen with the training of the first dog to assist me, & available to assist the public in service dog matters since 1995.
Former Registered CGC Evaluator (they changed the program since I was accepted so apparently I have to reapply with the new paperwork, I am working with them to straighten it all out and be reinstated)~ Published Author

Not taking new clients at this time, but I am always available for guidance and advice on service dog matters.

Windchyme's Blog

Service Dogs, Owner Training of Service Dogs, Access Issues and the law among other things located here.
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Kindles - The most awesome thing since sliced bread for readers and book lovers! I LOVE mine.





Please consider donating to the D.O.V.E.S. Equestrian Guidance Program for at risk children.


Horse & Girl
A dream comes true for an ill, financially, & parentally disadvantaged young girl
A rescued pony mare with many health problems gets lots of love and care in her retirement years.


This program is a non profit that benefits horses and at risk children - those are high functioning disabled children, those from single parent homes, poor enviroment and circumstances in a christian environment where the adults lead by example.

Most of the horses in the program are horses that were rescued from horrible abuse or neglect, pairing horses that needed a home,
a purpose and love with the children who needed them and would love them endlessly.

The program teaches children solid equestrian skills from the barn to the pasture. Children also gain physical therapy from
the riding, self esteem, confidence that they can do and be what they want to be, cooperation, a good work ethic and
a kindness and respect for animals that extends to the people around them.

Please email HERE to arrange donation of money OR horse or ranch/riding equipment/feed/supplies
(even good used is welcome) or items they can auction or sell to provide money to the program. Horses, especially those
with special needs are expensive to care for and the equipment for the children is even more. Anything not covered by
donations has to be covered by the founder herself - it's a heavy burden.

I donate with every google search I do (and I do ALOT) it's simple, just click the link below and sign up for your
searches to do a world of good. It will put the search bar right in your browser and ready to go.






MeeroMy Service Dogs Since the Journey Began


                                  Chance SD    Jaus SD                              
Service Dog Chance- Passed                Service Dog Jaus- Retired              Service Dog Sauja- Active                 Service Dog Mi-Shu- Active
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